SQL Effects Clarity

SQL Effects Clarity 1.3

Compares and edits SQL Server databases
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SQL Effects Software
Manage SQL Server databases and maintain their stability and functionality by means of comparison of the test, work and development environments and automated processes of script change verification, checking for undesirable changes in a database, reporting errors, etc.

SQL Effects Clarity is an advanced SQL Server database comparison tool. The tool differentiates itself from other database comparison tools by focusing on ease of use, flexible comparison selections and criteria, lightning fast comparison performance, unique GUI review of differences (instead of scripting out the objects then doing a basic file compare - a common method in other tools), and also offers multiple results analysis and review and reporting and export methods.
SQL Effects Clarity is a software tool made for software professionals by active software engineers who have to do on a daily basis the kinds of chores the tool is designed for:
Verifying change scripts.
Identifying undesirable changes in a database environment - or verifying that there aren't any.
Ensuring that your production environment is the same as your test and development environment.
Diagnosing those odd situations where a problem happens in production - but can't be reproduced in your development environment.
Understanding the database differences between two different releases.
Code reviewing recent changes in stored procedures, SQL functions, views and triggers with an easy way to see line by line diffs.

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